An absolutely amateur rally team racing around the Baltic Sea for a good cause

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Sharing with the ones in need

This rally is about fun, but an important mission is also part of it: joining this race we would like to support a good cause that’s close to our hearts. We aim to support a charity organization & their mission with the amount that we receive. 

As the team is from Budapest, we decided to support the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, an organisation that has been offering help in the Central Europe and in 40 countries around the world regardless of nationality, religion or world view, meeting the highest professional and transparency requirements. It is a community that works together to offer a chance to catch up to families looking for a way out of poverty.

We're joining the Baltic Circle rally in support of HIA. Please consider supporting our mission with a donation.

Adventure across Europe with a fish

The team
The car
The rally
Rolling Fish Tank -- two friends from Budapest teamed up to join this adventure. David & Gergely, designer & engineer decided to take numerous challenges in preparation for this rally in an old car & to prepare for an unforgettable adventure. Joined by our favourite fish, Rezsoe. Please love him.
Our choice of car is a mighty 1993 Toyota Previa, a fantastic & comfy family van. Lots of windows allow us to see the North, and inspired us to name our team. It’s a car that was most probably designed by car enthusiasts with children - Previa is the supercar of minivans.
  • Mid-engined, rear-wheel drive -- a multi-purpose people carrier that's actually fun to drive
  • (Almost) 50:50 weight distribution
  • It's huge & practical
  • 2.4 litre engine under the front passenger's seat lets us to reach the highest Scandinavian peaks
  • Originally it accommodated 7 people in three rows of seats, now it does much less
  • The name Previa is derived from the Italian word previdenza, which means foresight
  • Comes with a four-speed automatic transmission for the comfortable ride
  • Twin sunroofs are fantastic for star-gazing
Baltic Sea Circle -- The northernmost rally in the world.
  • 7500 km in 16 days across 9 countries
  • With no GPS, avoiding highways
  • Classic cars
  • Lots of fun

It wouldn’t be possible without them

We cannot appreciate enough our supporters & donators. A fish tank of thanks to them!
Sándor G.
Zsolt K.
Friends' & family's  moral support
Eszter I.
Dénes S.
Gergely M. Sz.
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