About the Hungarian Interchurch Aid

HIA has been providing assistance to those in need in Hungary since 1991. They offer help in the Carpathian Basin and in many countries around the world regardless of nationality, religion or world view, meeting the highest professional and transparency requirements. It is a community that works together to offer a chance to catch up to families looking for a way out of poverty.
HIA has implemented humanitarian and development aid programmes in about 40 countries and operates development centres in several countries.
Cross-border solidarity: humanitarian aid and international development - The uniquely manifold experience in Hungary makes our organization suitable for the efficient delivery of donations from the Hungarian people and for the implementation of development programmes typically financed from international and governmental funds. With our experienced professionals, we are prepared to mediate the solidarity of those living in Hungary, beyond our borders, in the Carpathian Basin, and as part of the international community around the world.
We're joining the Baltic Circle rally in support of HIA. Please consider supporting our mission with a donation. 100% of the amount will go to the organisation and the five most generous donors will be honoured with some Rolling Fish Tank collectibles.

Visit the HIA website over here: https://segelyszervezet.hu/en/